About hathavidya

Whether your goal is to teach yoga or authentically integrate your studies into the day to day, we are glad you're here! 

Hathavidya is an inclusive yogic science comprised of principles that purify, empower and uplift the spirit toward creating clarity and elevating the human experience. 

What does all that mean? 

Hathavidya makes traditional yoga accessible and applicable in the modern world. 

By utilizing the in-depth development of various lineages within hatha and siddha, the focus is on knowledge and how the tools work for you. 

Although there are a growing number of trainings in yoga communities, Hathavidya offers programs to communicate profound lessons, a larger knowledge base and a dedicated learning environment for you. 

Certification is easy to come by; true knowledge shapes your life.

Founder & Director

Will Duprey is an international yoga teacher, writer, storyteller and is known for effortlessly combining classical theory with contemporary yoga methods.

With over 17 years of teaching and consulting on yoga teacher trainings globally, his unique mentorship program provides deep knowledge and balance among different styles of yoga. His personal approach to teaching starts with the individual on breath (pranayama) and intuitive framework yet steeped in classical hatha yoga.

Will is also a contributing writer to publications such as: teach.yoga, OmStars and is a columnist for YogaLife Magazine Malaysia.